Here are the candidates for seats on the Michigan Student Assembly in this March’s election. The University Party has disappeared, although some of their former members have filed to run as independents (most notably Tim Moore and Anita Leung – what would have been a UP executive slate), and a new party calling themselves the Other Political Party has emerged. These names are unofficial, but I don’t expect many changes.

President & VP:

Tim Moore tgmoore (P – Indep.)
Anita Leung awleung (VP – Indep.)
Kate Stenvig kstenvig (P – DAAP)
Cyril Cordor ccordor (VP – DAAP)
Chuck Heidel cheidel (P – OPP)
Matthew Lapinski mlapinsk (VP – OPP)
Jason Mironov jmironov (P – S1)
Jenny Nathan jlnathan (VP – S1)

Defend Affirmative Action Party (Affiliated with BAM-N):

Jessica Bratus Jbratus LS&A
Helen O’Connor hnoc LS&A
Angela Davis davisan LS&A
Ingrid Macon imacon LS&A
Monica Smith monistar LS&A
Neal Lyons lyonsn LS&A
Sarah Barnard sbarnard LS&A
Keyanna Silverman-Maddox ksilvermg LS&A
Ashley Payne payneash LS&A
Jeremy Schwartz jschwa Law School
Sana Khatib khatibs Education
Stephen Rice steric Rackham
Lauren Veasey lveasey Rackham
Kenneth Kellogg kkellogg Rackham
Nicole Campbell cnicole Rackham
Tanyaporn Wansom twansom Medical
Pete Dykema dykemap Architecture
Kristel Rodriguez krodrigu Kinesiology
Russell Stewart russstew Art


Andrew Landau landaua LS&A
Victoria Adibu vadibu LS&A
Scott Cederbaum sceder LS&A
Dayna Clemons clemonsd Architecture
Ian Fette ifette Engineering
Brian Gallagher btgallag Business

Other Political Party (OPP):

Michael Georgoff mgeorgof LS&A
Erin Thompson ent LS&A
Kathleen Tobias katitobi LS&A
Sam Goldberger (no uniquename) LS&A
Brent Carr bdcarr Engineering
Justin Sheridan jdsherid Engineering
Mike Affeldt affeldtm Engineering
Joshua Sledge jsledge Business
Jeff Saunders jtsaunde Art & Architecture
Ryan Shinska rshinska Kinesiology

Students First (S1):

Jesse Levine LSA jeslevne
Matt Hollerbach LSA mhollerb
Abby Flora LSA abiflora
Adrienne Waller LSA amwaller
Matt Baum LSA mbaum
Amanda (Jer) Hang LSA hangjga
Sashai Alvarez LSA asashai
Lisa Bakale-Wise LSA lisabw
Riana Anderson LSA rianae
Brandon Journey Engin bjourney
Chris Blauvelt Engin blauvelt
Monique Rio Engin mrio
Yochi (Yochanan) Zakai SNRE yzakai
Kim Gaston Art kgaston
Kim Klanow Arch klanowk
Ahmad Kayali Law akayali
Jaffer Odeh Med jodeh
Amy Friedman Education asfriedm
Khuram Siddiqui Rackham ksiddiqu
Dustin Gress Rackham gressd
Saad Saeed Rackham saads
Larry Pier Business lpier
Jed Schein Kinesiology jrshein

Also, see: Daily: “U Party drops out of MSA race, new OPP party created”

Author: Rob