The dean of the Rackham Graduate School, popular U-M administrator and history professor Earl Lewis, has accepted a position as provost and vice president for academic affairs at Emory University. For their part, Emory seems pretty excited that Lewis will be coming to Atlanta.

“… Lewis said Tuesday night that he is thrilled about his new role and the chance to have a strong impact on the university’s future while working with Wagner, who was named Emory’s president last summer.

“The ability to go work with a team and see Emory’s rise over the next five years was a very exciting prospect,” said Lewis, adding, “It was a tough decision for personal and professional reasons.”

Coleman praised Lewis’ wide level of leadership at U-M. “We deeply regret losing him to Emory but understand his desire to accept the role as provost,” she said in a statement.

U-M provost Paul Courant noted Lewis’ U-M roles as a professor, director of the Center for Afroamerican and African Studies and as dean. “He has shown himself to be a visionary and accomplished academic leader,” Courant said. … “

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