John Kerry and President Bush share something unusual: membership in Yale’s ultra-secret society Skull and Bones. Unlike Michigamua, which a reader correctly pointed out is mostly elitism lite, Skull and Bones seems worth examining closely:

” … Both President President Bush and his all-but-certain Democratic opponent, Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts, were members of the elite and secretive club that meets in a windowless mausoleum on the Yale campus in New Haven.

Both Kerry, Class of ’66, and Bush, Class of ’68, are extremely reluctant to discuss their common ties to what Skull and Bones expert Ron Rosenbaum calls “the most powerful of all secret societies in the strange Yale secret-society system.” …

Since its founding in 1832, Skull and Bones has had fewer than 2,000 members, including three Presidents – Bush, his father and William Howard Taft – and such powerbrokers as W. Averell Harriman, Henry Stimson and Henry Luce, who all engaged in what Rosenbaum calls “certain occult rituals of the ruling class.”

Bonesmen tend to help other Bonesman. The current President has staffed his administration with such Bones brothers as Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman William H. Donaldson, Assistant Attorney General Robert McCallum, Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago Roy Austin and Edward McNally, general counsel to the Office of Homeland Security.

Skull and Bones investigator Alexandra Robbins, author of the book “Secrets of the Tomb,” told Lowdown yesterday that the society is positively gleeful over the Bush-Kerry contest.

“Individual Bonesmen will sway according to their personal affiliations,” she said, “but the Bonesmen I’ve spoken to have said it’s a win-win situation.”

In what might be eerie coincidence or further disturbing evidence of a scheme for world domination, The Washington Post has assigned Bonesman Dana Milbank to chronicle the battle between Bush and Kerry. … “

> From New York Daily News: “Yale Bones connect Bush, Kerry”
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> See also the website of the recently published book “Secrets of the Tomb”

Although, let’s not forget there’s even bigger fish to fry: a global secret society that does not accept Asians, Middle Easterners, Latin Americans or Africans as members: the Bilderberg Club. See more about them here.

Author: Rob