The Michigan Review has issued their endorsement for this spring’s MSA election. I suppose it could be called bipartisan – titled “Vote Anita and Jason: Ideal MSA Ticket Would be Split,” they endorse exactly half of the Students First presidential ticket of Jenny Nathan and Jason Mironov, and the independent slate of Anita Leung and Tim Moore.

The legacy of what I’ll call Blue Party “nonpartisanship” seems to linger on, like a bad hangover:

“… Hoping to bring a pragmatic approach to student government, Moore thinks “Student government should adopt a mission statement, adhere to it throughout the semester, and never speak about or act on controversial issues amongst the students.” Holding the philosophy that issues outside the realm of student life should be left for student’s to debate, Moore believes that student government should “survey what people overwhelmingly want, see if it can be done, and then do it.” … “

> From the Review’s coverage of the MSA election in general: “Let the Chalking Begin.” And in case this sounds a bit familar, see this proposal from April 2003.

Author: Rob