LEO Considers Walkout

“This week LEO has been issuing a notice to many of the non tenure-track lecturers, outlining the possible measures the organization might take if the pace of negotiations does not improve. If the vote for a walkout is authorized during LEO’s March 23rd meeting, ballots will be mailed out to lecturers who then must vote by March 27th. If the initiative passes, non-tenure track lecturers said they will not teach any of their classes on Thursday April 8.

After the walkout, LEO would further discuss other possible actions, such as protesting and withholding grades until the administration settles with the union. …

LSA senior Mahmoud Fadlallah said the lecturers should take action since it is unfair that their wages aren’t as high as they should be.

“I don’t understand how that if you have a Ph.D. or a master’s degree at the University you still will be making less than a high school teacher.””

> From Daily: “Lecturers may walkout in April”

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Author: Rob