Here’s a letter it today’s Daily about a vague story they printed last week:

“To the Daily:

Last week, the Daily published an article about some flyers that were posted around campus in the early hours of Thursday morning (‘U,’ DPS finish flyer investigation, 03/12/04). These flyers contained accusations of sexual harassment by a member of the faculty. Although you included details that might help the readers of the Daily understand that this was a prank — you described people wandering around in the bushes at 3:15 in the morning, to which one might add that three women who were connected with the flyers were also seen in Alice Lloyd Hall dressed in dark clothes with masks on — you did not make it clear that this flyer was a hoax. Because you named the faculty member, you should also have made it clear that no complaint has ever been filed against this person. By naming him, you were exposing him to unnecessary embarrassment, and, by doing so, simply forwarding the aim of the perpetrators of this cruel hoax.

David Potter
Director, Lloyd Hall Scholars Program

Martha Vicinus
Director, Sweetland Writing Center”

Author: Rob