The other Daily editorial today was about a MSA ballot question which would create a new student fee to fund much-needed repairs at the University’s Trotter House, a student organization resource. The Daily, while advocating a new cultural center (which I support) oddly concludes that “If this stop-gap measure is passed, it would delay the advent of true progress: a complete overhaul of the University’s multicultural center.” I disagree: students should vote for the money AND ALSO demand for the University-funded renovation or construction of a new facility. If anything, the student fee could be used for much-needed short term improvements, or to help equip a new facility. From the Daily’s editorial:

” … During the past few years, the University has devoted a tremendous amount of time and energy to proclaiming its commitment to diversity and multiculturalism. The attack by various groups on the University’s admissions policies has necessitated this extensive defense of diversity. While there is no question that there are many people in the University community who believe in the educational benefits of diversity, there is some question as to what significant moves have been made to back up that sentiment.

The University must find a way to construct a new multicultural center to make good on its claims of being a place where diversity is valued and to solidify Ann Arbor as a place with an accepting cultural atmosphere. The University should invest in the future of diversity rather than relegate students to performing patchwork on a crumbling building. Students of all races and ethnicities deserve a modern and accessible multicultural center. … “

Here’s the ballot question, language, from the voting website:

“The William Monroe Trotter Multicultural Center provides programs and services designed to enhance student experiences while at the University of Michigan. In order to fix the infrastructure of the William Monroe Trotter Multicultural Center, would you be willing to pay an additional one-dollar ($1.00) of student fees to be allocated toward infrastructure repair for a time period of five (5) years?”


YES on the MSA ballot question, which would create a student fee for the Trotter House
NO on the LSA-SG ballot question, which would make LSA-SG President an internally selected position

(Or, if you’re keeping track, the exact opposite from what the alleged “flamingly liberal” editorial page of the Michigan Daily suggests.)

Author: Rob