MSA Election Endorsements:

Students for Choice are endorsing the following people: Lisa Bakale-Wise, Jason Mironov, and Matt Hollerbach.

College Democrats are endorsing the following:

“Jason Mironov, MSA President, S1
Jenny Nathan, MSA Vice President, S1

Lisa Bakale-Wise, MSA-LSA, S1
Riana Elyse Anderson, MSA-LSA, S1
Matt Hollerbach, MSA-LSA, S1
Jesse Levine, MSA-LSA, S1

David Arnstein, LSA-SG, S1
Meta Brown, LSA-SG, S1
Brittany Jackson, LSA-SG, S1
Andrew Yahkind, LSA-SG, S1″

Anti-War Action! sent this message to members:

“MATT HOLLERBACH, a member of Anti-War Action! since its beginning in October 2002, has been active in progressive politics and social justice for two years now. He is a candidate in this election, seeking a spot on MSA representing LSA. He makes no attempt to hide the fact that he seeks to strengthen ties between student government and student groups like
AWA!. …

Voting for Students First, especially JASON MIRONOV & JENNY NATHAN for MSA President & Vice-President, means you will be voting to keep MSA active in helping groups to promote issues of global & social justice. One candidate who is running against Jason has been seen on public television saying that he seeks to make code & constitution changes which will prevent any and all issues of “controversy” from reaching the assembly. Additionally, he criticized Students First’s diversity by saying that a less diverse group of people would be more “effective” on MSA, implying that diversity is a weakness and an undesirable factor in student government.

AWA! would like to endorse Matt Hollerbach and the Students First party, and reccomend that all AWA! members cast their votes for Matt and S1. You can vote NOW by going to Matt’s website or the Students First website (see below).”

Author: Rob