Yes folks, the University of Michigan Spring Commencement keynote speaker will be none other than “arguably the foremost writer in automotive journalism,” U-M alum David E. Davis Jr. Yes folks, this man’s illustrious achievements include:
“Aside from founding and editing Automobile Magazine out of Ann Arbor with the funding of media conglomerate owner Rupert Murdoch, Davis serves on the board of directors of the University’s Knight-Wallace Fellows Program, a group of influential journalists whom the University sponsors to conduct sabbatical work. He also spent 14 years editing and writing at Car and Driver Magazine.” Call me underwhelmed. Although I’m excited about the student speaker: my friend LSA Senior Rachel Fisher.

> Daily: “Graduation to feature noted auto journalist”

His benefactor is the very same Rupert Murdoch who made sure that every single one of his 175 papers around the world (which print over 40 million papers a week) was in support of the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq about one year ago. Ah, the sweet taste of editorial freedom.

> See the BBC: “Their Master’s Voice”

See also this on the ongoing MSA election:

“… About 2,500 students had cast ballots by 4 p.m. yesterday, the first day of voting in the elections for Michigan Student Assembly and other school governments such as the LSA Student Government.

That number is less than half the votes cast in the winter elections two years ago, when about 5,500 students voted on the first day. Last year, nearly 8,500 students voted in two-day elections. … “

> From Daily: “Elections open with low voter turnout”

Author: Rob