“Right now we’re in the midst of a crisis.”

The demonstration at today’s regent’s meeting was an outstanding success. I’ve posted a few photos here if you missed it. I’ll also be blogging more about the meeting later tonight. After a number of impressive student speakers, Regents Olivia Maynard, Larry Deitch, and Andrea Fisher Newman spoke thanking the students for their input and saying that although the budget situation is difficult, they were sympathetic to the issues raised. Noticably absent was Vice President for Student Affairs E. Royster Harper, whose leadership and decisions were the subject of much of the criticism.

Regent Olivia P. Maynard: ” I have heard the pain. … I just want to say that we want to say we are listening.”

Regent Laurence B. Deitch: “The student speakers were an extraordinary group of people. .. Thank you for coming. I believe if we can work together we can create ways to do it – as Mia White said, we need to put our money where our mouth is.”

Student hilights:

Alexandria Cadotte: “What I am saying today is out of the simple desire for all of us to move on … into the future. [Michigamua] appropriated and abused native culture in too many ways to go into today. Members of the administration have beeen members and advisors to Michigamua, and I believe many still are … The University’s unwillingness to take a stance on this issue harms their reputation among native and non-native students alike.”

Stephanie Chang, speaking on the need for recording hate crimes: “It is my hope that today will be a step towards a real student voice, and what the campus climate should look like.”

Erik Glenn, speaking on cuts in the LGBTA office: “I came to the U of M believing I was coming to a place where I would be safe to live comfortable, and free of verbal and physical assault. … Support the office that supports us. … I cannot and will not negotiate this need.”

Kathryn Turnock, on SAPAC cuts: “The only clear message was that we should trust [administrators] know best. …”

Mia White, on SAPAC cuts and other issues: “[cutting student services] is an insult to the spirit in which they were created. … The University is willing to talk about diversity and not act. What we want you to do is simple – keep your promises, and follow through. … Hiding behind the budget is not enough.”

Author: Rob