Ballot Initiative Results

MSA question:

“The William Monroe Trotter Multicultural Center provides programs and services designed to enhance student experiences while at the University of Michigan. In order to fix the infrastructure of the William Monroe Trotter Multicultural Center, would you be willing to pay an additional one-dollar ($1.00) of student fees to be allocated toward infrastructure repair for a time period of five (5) years.”

Yes 2050
No 977
Undecided 518

LSA-SG Ballot Question:

“In recent years, the LSA Student Government has not been as efficient as possible because executive officers were popularly elected, without prior government experience. A vote of YES to this constitutional amendment allows the LSA-SG President and Vice-President to be elected within the government by elected representatives. We, as your student govnernment, feel this change will aid the student body by enabling LSA-SG to serve the students more productively. A vote for NO maintains the current election system. “

No 918
Yes 532
Undecided 175

Author: Rob