It’s not just me: thefts are up – Daily: “A2 crime rate falls, but thefts increase”

The Daily also runs a letter from Laura Davis, co-chair of the campus chapter of Young Americans for Freedom, who concludes:

“The University, however, is not a nursery school, a babysitter or a project in social engineering. The Universityís job is to provide academic instruction.

If cut services like Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center or the Trotter House are important enough to various individuals or groups, then those individuals and groups should work to fundraise and procure private funds for their continuation.”

Meanwhile, Students Organizing for Labor and Economic Equality has a viewpoint advocating for wage disclosure : “At the University, students have pushed for a whole system to address the reality that our clothes are made in sweatshops, and administrators and faculty have been supportive, but itís time to take the next step: wage

> Viewpoint: “SOLE demands wage disclosure and accountability”

Also, see this troubling story:

> Daily: “Justice Dept. looks into Michigan Cross Burning”

Author: Rob