“For the second week in a row, donning their signature yellow shirts and armed with a list of demands, students marched to the Fleming Administration Building yesterday afternoon to protest projected cuts in funding to and reorganization of several student services.

Last week, about 50 students attended the University Board of Regents meeting where several campus leaders complained about the budget cuts to the University administration.

Several members of the newly-formed Students Voices in Action sent demands in a sealed manila envelope to Vice President for Student Affairs E. Royster Harper, and Dean of Students Ed Willis. They said the demands are a reaffirmation of the purpose of the Division of Student Affairs, the organization responsible for projected cuts in several student services. …

Harper and Willis responded to the rally by listening to the concerns by members of SVA outside Fleming. Harper acknowledged a lack of student input thus far in regard to the proposed changes and tentatively scheduled a meeting with herself, SVA, and possibly University President Mary Sue Coleman on Monday. … “

> Daily: “Protesters target cuts to services”

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