The Daily reports today about a couple new auction websites targeting U-M students: and UMToday seems more ambitious, even including a U-M specific “hot or not” feature.

“… University alum Zach Price started the auction website this week, in response to demand for a venue to advertise products for students that were not being auctioned elsewhere. …

LSA junior Johnny Glase said his friend Scott Palko, a University of Notre Dame alum, started a website at Notre Dame that was very successful and planned to bring a similar one to the University.

Glase said he took up Palko’s offer, and the website, which was started in December 2003, now has a couple hundred users. One of the site’s features is an online marketplace, where students can bid on furniture, books and electronics. Glase said he is now actively publicizing the website, which is 100 users short of attracting advertising contracts. … “

> Daily : “Students start up online auction sites”

Author: Rob