The University Library has created a special website dealing with how the budget cuts will effect their resources. Here’s an excerpt from a letter sent by the University Librarian to the heads of U-M’s schools and colleges:

“As a result of these and other forces, our librarians and subject specialists are beginning to review a wide range of library commitments, seeking to reduce acquisitions. Such reviews are in some ways routine and ongoing, but the scale of the current effort will be more noticeable to our faculty and students. As always, we will seek and welcome your input, and that of the faculty, to inform the choices we make.”

What will be cut? According to their FAQ:

“Reviews will be done by each library, primarily in conjunction with their faculty and students. While priorities will vary among disciplines, each library will be utilizing a common set of criteria to consider as part of the review process. The following criteria continue to be central for the management of our collections. Criteria include:

· Duplicate subscriptions of print journals
· Print journals when suitable electronic versions are available
· Duplicate copies of monographs
· Lesser used resources (print and electronic)
· Large one-time purchases that can be deferred “

I think Vice President for Student Affairs Royster Harper could take a nod from our friends over at the library: perhaps she should post online information about what she’s cutting, and her general approach to budget tightening.

Author: Rob