The suggestions from this town hall meeting held on the future of north campus sounds remarkably similar to a design project conducted by Dean Douglas Kelbaugh called North Campus Redux, completed with grant money given him by B. Joseph White during his interim presidency. Maybe it’s because Mr. Kelbaugh himself seems to have been in attendance:

” … “We need to recognize that North Campus must take our share of the traffic (in this part of the city),” Kelbaugh said. “North Campus is too old and too big to be treated as a satellite campus. We are a destination and we need to bring in more retail and food service, but keep it compact to retain the beauty of our area.”

Several regular bicycle riders shared issues and concerns they encounter while commuting. Others expressed interest in better access to other campuses as well as other areas of the city, such as Lower Town. One rider asked if bus drivers could be more consistent in keeping the internal bus lights illuminated to allow for late-night studying while riders return to their apartments. … “

> From U Record: “Suggestions for North Campus plan: Make it accessible, retain beauty”

Also, 22 Hopwood awards have been announced, including the following Ann Arbor residents: Robyn Anspach, Jeremiah Chamberlin, Hannah Holtzman, Donovan Hohn, and Michelle Regalado Deatrick.

Author: Rob