“Fifth, when it comes time to write a paper, skim the reading material for a few quotes that could reasonably be suggestive of some underlying liberal theme — for example, that “The Red Badge of Courage” is actually about lesbianism— and use these quotes as evidence of the underlying theme. Make sure you emphasize in your paper that “although this topic is not explicitly addressed in the text” your excerpted quotes can reasonably be suggestive of whatever generalized theme you chose. Any substantive knowledge is not required because — surprise-surprise —most 300-level liberal arts classes have no substantive basis. They’re merely a front for teaching the politics of race, class and gender.

Finally, sit back and watch the A’s pour in. You’ll rise like the privileged class and separate yourself from the rest of the pack like the blacks, whites, Asians, Indians and Hispanics in the Mary Markley cafeteria. … “

Yes folks, that’s from former Michigan Review editor and columnist D.C. Lee’s new column on the editorial page of the Daily (Titled “2L Cool J” – He’s a second year “2L” law student), which starts today. To jog your memory, it’s the same D.C. Lee who ran for a law school seat on MSA one year ago.

Looks like the Daily editors got their wish – this is from November 21, 2003:

“The Michigan Daily is looking for conservative editorial writers. This could be a wonderful opportunity for the Republicans to balance out the Daily a little. Anyone interested should contact Jason Pesick at jzpesick at umich.edu or Zachary Peskowitz at zpeskowi at umich.edu.The applicant should have some writing experience.”

Author: Rob