” … Dean is scheduled to talk with U-M students about jobs during an 11 a.m. appearance Friday on campus at a yet-to- be-determined location, while Sharpton was to appear for a 7:30 event tonight at EMU’s McKenny Union. But it was unclear whether other candidates will campaign here. … “

> From AANews: “Phones ringing as campaigns converge”

See also, this story in the Detroit News filed from Ann Arbor about U-M students campaigning in Residence Halls: “Young voters’ interest fizzles”:

“ANN ARBOR – Campaigning for the youth vote has its own peculiar challenges for Megan Wilbur.

Prowling the dormitory hallways of the University of Michigan, Wilbur has been known to discuss Howard Dean’s attributes to half-naked guys in towels. Often, she shouts her get out the vote message over the beeps and gurgles of video games.

But the biggest challenge facing the 21-year-old senior from Ann Arbor is one faced by a generation of political activists – finding a way to motivate young voters.

Hopes for a youth voter boom in 2004 are fading with the campaign of former Democratic front-runner Howard Dean. The legions of young voters inspired by his Internet-focused campaign are dropping out of the process rather than switch their allegiance to another candidate, according to Michigan pollsters. …”

It seems Michigan youth will have an opportunity on Saturday to show not only that they are interested in politics, but for some, to show appreciation for a candidate has shown they are a priority in his campaign, however much in “trouble” it seems to appears. As long as everyone votes against Bush next November, I don’t see why how well the candidates have fared thus far in the primary process should have any impact on our votes.

Author: Rob