Ah, Markley

At least 15 students living on the fourth floor of Markley’s Reeves House have fallen ill with viral gastroenteritis, or the stomach flu. Symptoms include nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, headache, low fever and stomachache. University officials are telling those affected to stay in their rooms, not attend classes, and not eat in the cafeteria:

“Fourth Reeves residents such as LSA freshman Alok Ezhuthachan said they have been suffering from symptoms including vomiting and stomach discomfort.

“I got sick (Tuesday) night around 8 p.m. My roommate was sick on Friday and Saturday, and since then, basically one person per room is sick on the entire hall,” Ezhuthachan said.”

> From Daily: “Stomach flu hits Markley dorm”

Also, the Daily runs a lovely think-piece on Vice President for Student Affairs E. Royster Harper, titled “Student Affairs VP reflects on ‘U’ career”. The headline makes it sound as if she’s retiring, but the article makes clear she’ll continue to be the face of budget cuts in the near future:

“With much activity revolving around the Division of Student Affairs recently, E. Royster feels many student groups have been forming their opinions of her with only half the facts.

“Sometimes I get impatient with what I call ‘running with bad information,’ ” she said. …”

Also of note: an initiative of Mary Sue Coleman to expand SAPAC training for Freshman is one part of that organization not being cut: “SAPAC to offer new program for freshmen”

Author: Rob