In lieu of Carol Mosely Braun I’ll be voting for Howard Dean in tomorrow’s Democratic caucus. That said, I think the entire Democratic field is strong – I would feel comfortable supporting almost any current candidate. There are no Mondales or Dukakises here. It’s important to note that contrary to popular belief, Mr. Dean was known as a “moderate” who brokered a deal as governor of Vermont to provide healthcare to that state’s most vulnerable citizens (instead of the universal plan the liberals wanted), and balanced the state’s budget. Indeed, if anything he’s a bit conservative for my tastes. (the NRA likes him, for example) And although the early years of his resume are identical to Bush (elite private prep school, Yale, a few boozy lost years) the man did go to medical school, and prove himself as an effective political leader, and was willing to take a strong anti-war and anti-Bush position when so many other “democrats” were voting for tax cuts and injust wars. And he has a blog.

Author: Rob