The Markley flu has spread to MoJo, effecting a total of 59 people out of the more than 1,180 living in Markley. University administrators have also created this website with information about the outbreak, including a message to Markley residents with the following suggestions for those effected:

“* Confine yourself in your room or the bathroom because you are contagious.
* Let your parents know you are sick.
* Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently.
* Use designated bathroom stalls, sinks, and showers for sick residents.
* Not leave your room, except to go to the bathroom, for the duration of your illness plus 3 days after your symptoms go away.”

Here’s part of the Ann Arbor News article, “U-M outbreak of virus hits another dorm”:

” An outbreak of viral gastroenteritis spread to a second University of Michigan dormitory Friday, and the number of students who reported suffering symptoms of the disease rose to 59.

Most students who have been sick with the disease, which causes vomiting and diarrhea, live in the Mary Markley dormitory. But a few newly reported cases were from Mosher Jordan, a neighboring dormitory, said Alan Levy, university housing director of public affairs.

Levy noted that some reports are from students who are already feeling better but who just found out they needed to report their illness to administrators. He said it was too early to know whether the outbreak is ebbing. … “

Author: Rob