“The United States must, must get out of NAFTA. We must get out of the WTO. We have to get out,” Kucinich said. The union hall erupted with thunderous applause and loud cheers before he could finish the word “NAFTA.” […]

After Kucinich’s appearance, Rex Johnson, 56, of Belding, said he “learned a lot” about the candidate’s stand on labor issues. Johnson retired a year ago from Electrolux after working nearly 20 years at the plant; his wife still works there.

“I agree with what he said — NAFTA’s got to go, WTO’s got to go. It’s all got to go,” Johnson said. “It’s doing American business good but it’s not doing the American people any good. And if we shrivel up and die, what’s left?”

> AP: “Kucinich: U.S. should abandon NAFTA, WTO”

Author: Rob