On ideology and student government parties:

“3. College Republicans does not endorse a particular MSA party; however, some members are currently running for the University Party. Here is their info.

Interested in making a POSITIVE change? A MARKED difference on campus? Looking to get INVOLVED and IMPROVE student life?
* Quit complaining about things on campus, and DO something about it! The University Party is currently seeking candidates to run for the Michigan Student Assembly (http://www.umich.edu/~msa)! If you don’t want to run, there are still plenty of oppurtunities to help campaign, or get involved in MSA!
* Come to a MASS MEETING:
Wed. Feb 4 @ 9 pm in Michigan League in Room # 4
Thu. Feb 5 @ 9 pm in Michigan League in Room # 4
Fri. Feb 6 @ 2-6 pm in Crofoot(Union)
Sat. Feb 7 @ 2-6 pm in 2105D(Union)

Questions? Contact:
Anita W. Leung
Budget Priorities Committee Vice Chair
College of Engineering Representative
Michigan Student Assembly”

Author: Rob