Are you frustrated by the messages encouraging sexual promiscuity that pervade our culture? This year, you’ll be able to celebrate your chastity by wearing a white shirt to school today in celebration of a “Day of Purity.” It’s unclear why sex would make you “unpure,” it being nearly 100 years since most people thought in those terms. It’s funny, but let’s focus on what’s at stake here: faulty, propagandistic sexual education is limiting young people’s access to the information they need to make sexual choices:

” … A report released this month by the Alan Guttmacher Institute, a research group in New York and Washington, showed that more than a third of public school districts in the nation have a policy that requires that abstinence be taught as the only option for unmarried people. Half of the school districts require that abstinence be taught as the preferred option for young people but allow discussion about contraceptives. Less than 15 percent of the school districts allow abstinence to be taught as one of many options.

The report noted that teenage pregnancies declined by 21 percent in the 1990s. An analysis by Guttmacher researchers showed that three-quarters in the drop in teen pregnancy rates between 1988 and 1995 was due to more effective contraceptive use by sexually active teenagers. A quarter of the decline was due to teenagers being abstinent, the researchers said. … “

> AP: “Teens promote abstinence by wearing white before Valentine’s Day”

Also, watch out for Robitussin DM: it just might make you rob a gas station.

Author: Rob