I’m not sure how it can be “hilarious yet tender” having not yet been performed.

“… In the poignant monologue, “Memory of Her Face,” a woman describes how planes “promising freedom” dropped bombs from the sky that burned her face away into molten flesh. Lastly, there is a reference to the University insinuated in “Eve’s Warrior Statement.” Eve chronicles where she has met women of different backgrounds and nationalities from Pakistan, to Bosnia, to the University, where she spoke last year on V-Day.

Another new feature implemented in the production is the male “forum.” RC senior Sam Botsford, LSA junior Brandon White, LSA junior Harlyn Pacheco and doctoral student Gary Brouhardt all collaborated together to write this hilarious yet tender take on their female counterparts. “Part of our inspiration was derived from personal stories and from hearing about what other guys talk about. We basically focus on the confusion we have towards the opposite gender as there’s no guidebook for us on how to understand women,” Botsford explains. … “

> From Daily: “Student-run ‘Monologues’ return to campus”

Here’s my thoughts on the male monologue.

Author: Rob