Sometimes I get cynical about the youth. Then people like Michael Rohde come along with a letter to the editor:

“To the Daily:

The title of the article “Gratz speaks at Union amidst massive protest” is misleading. I was studying at the Michigan Union at the time of the protest and went to the lobby to see what was going on. There were far fewer than 50 people there, even at the peak. There were less than 10 people actually yelling outside the door of the Pond Room. The rest of the people in the lobby were curious onlookers waiting to see something interesting happen. This was not at all a “massive” protest. If I am able to study in a room just a few feet from where this was taking place it could not possibly be “massive.” The title is disrespectful to all truly “massive” and important protests that have taken place on this campus and in this country.

Michael Rohde
LSA junior”

My favorite Michigan Daily headline: “Academic Integrity Still Plagues Campus.” Darn academic integrity, it’s everywhere these days!

Author: Rob