Alan Haber, a former leader of the late 1960s/early 1970s organization Students for a Democratic Society is calling another meeting tonight:

“Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 09:26:22 -0500
Subject: next meeting of sds, tonite, G115 Angell Hall 7:30, Tuesday , February 17
From: Alan Haber

outreach notice and invitation

The next meeting of sds is tonite. Tuesday, February 17, 7:30pm, G115 Angell Hall, Ann Arbor.

Last tuesday 12 students, with encouragement from a few activists from previous generations of “the movement,” met on campus and decided to meet again with the view of reconstituting an Ann Arbor area local of international sds.

sds was in the 1960s a gathering place for action, education and initiative for democracy and against war, racism, empire, arrogance, patriarchy, poverty and the other ills of the world.

a broad multi issue affirmation of democracy and human community is again needed. one struggle, many fronts is a beginning point for radical analysis.

tonite’s meeting will continue discussion of the formative process and plan implementation of several program ideas previously suggested.

new participants and new ideas welcome.

if you are interested and cannot attend, reply to add your name to the group list for reports and future information.

alan haber”

Author: Rob