Students for PIRGM have choses the issue of “granny flats” or accessory dwelling units as their campaign this semester. This simple zoning change would allow city residents to create small apartments to rent to 1 or 2 people in parts of their homes and would be an easy way to allow for increased density without much effort on the part of the city or the same impact as large new buildings:

” … The assembly also voted to support the rental of accessory dwelling units for students in Ann Arbor. ADUs are additional living spaces that include additions to or conversions of current housing, and they would give students more housing options, MSA members said.

“ADUs are legal in Ann Arbor, but not to rent to people other than your family members,” SNRE junior Elizabeth Graham said.

Some members of Students for PIRGIM attended the meeting and asked MSA to support ADUs because they are “increasing density” and improving housing in Ann Arbor.

PIRGIM member and RC sophomore Pamela Baker said student involvement on this housing issue is important.

“By having MSA endorsing and supporting this resolution, it shows City Council that students can be involved, especially since we are such a large percentage of this area,” Baker said.

RC senior Adriane Davis added, “We want to get the community involved. … Two years ago this proposal got shot down because there were a lot of misinformed residents, so we want to hold forums to help educate the community about ADUs.”

MSA President Angela Galardi will write a letter to the Ann Arbor City Council voicing students’ support of ADUs.”

> From: Daily: “MSA votes to fund Ben Folds concert”

Author: Rob