My friend Matt Hollerbach has written this letter to the Daily about the end of the “jeopardy” issue:

“From: “Matthew Wright Hollerbach”
To: jtschrad at umich dot edu
Cc: tothedaily at michigandaily dot com
Subject: Letter To Editor
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 16:42:27 -0500

Dear Mr. Schrader & the entire Managerial and Editorial staff of the Michigan Daily,

I was pleased to hear that the leadership of the Michigan Daily has decided to discontinue the so-called “Jeopardy” edition of the newspaper after the widespread negative response this year’s issue received. As I understand it, future senior editions will not contain false stories, and special pains will be taken not to offend members of the campus community.

As a former member of the Editorial Board and writer for the Arts Section, and as one who worked on the student newspaper in my high school, I fully understand the importance of having a farewell issue published by the senior staff before they pass the torch on to their younger peers. I look forward to next January’s issue, which will be just as fitting a tribute, but will almost certainly not contain stories and elements which are offensive to your readers and damaging to the
paper’s reputation.

I was always impressed by the amount of pride that the writers, editors, and designers took in their work at the Daily, and the level of unity amongst the staff was exceptional. Past “Jeopardy” issues have been a stain on the reputation of one of the University’s oldest student-run institutions, and an insult to the people who both read and create the paper.

It is my hope that you and your colleagues will continue to examine the problems that exist in your organization, while reinforcing its virtues and expanding on its strengths. The only possible result is a paper which we can all be proud bears the name of this state and of our alma-mater.


Matthew Wright Hollerbach
RC Junior
Co-chair of the MSA Peace & Justice Commission
Former writer for the Michigan Daily”

Author: Rob