The candidates for Michigan Student Assembly President and Vice President in the spring election were in the Daily today. To see their UMich directory entry, click on the names:

Students First will be running current MSA Student General Counsel Jason Mironov for president, and College Democrats Chair Jenny Nathan for VP.

The University Party is running former Blue Party candidate and B-School senior Timothy Moore for president and current engineering MSA representative Anita Leung for VP. Anita is one of the people who helped start the UMich Daily Jolt site.

It’s not clear who the BAM-N / Defend Affirmative Action Party candidates will be, although Kate Stenvig is quoted in the Daily’s story. I’ll clear this up right now: DAAP is the political wing of the destructive sectarian Trotzite organization the Revolutionary Workers League / BAM-N. In the past some DAAP candidates have been very good, while others are the mindless lackeys of Luke Massie, Shanta Driver, and the rest of the BAM-N crowd. This election cycle I’ll do my best to sift through all the parties’ rhetoric to identify the saavy progressives who deserve your vote. If you’re a candidate you think I’d be interested in endorsing, please contact me.

Also, judging from his website, Matt Hollerbach might be running.

> Daily: “MSA hopefuls file candidacies for 2004 presidential elections”

Author: Rob