The UAW is seeking funds to construct a Labor History Museum in Flint to commemorate the famous 1936-37 sit-down strike of General Motors which led to the creation of the United Auto Workers.

> AP: “Tribute raises more than $40,000 for possible labor museum”


“In the 1940s, workers at UAW Local 598 in Flint decided to honor sit-down strikers with White Shirt Day. As part of that tradition, hourly UAW workers wear white shirts to work – and keep them that way – to demonstrate their equality with salaried bosses. ..

Roth and other labor leaders got the loudest applause when they called for workers and retirees to help defeat President Bush in November.

“We’ve got a great opportunity – we get to get rid of Bush!” Roth said, as the crowded hall erupted in cheers and applause. Roth and others urged workers to vote for politicians who will protect U.S. jobs from outsourcing and offshoring. … “

> From Flint Journal: “Sit-down strikers feted”

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