The Bush campaign knows how close 2000 was. This from an email to supporters:

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Subject: Will you be the difference?
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2004

It is the year 2000. In the presidential campaign…

New Mexico hinges on 366 votes, Florida on only 537 votes.
Iowa is won by 4144 votes, Wisconsin by 5708 votes.
Oregon is decided by 6765 votes, New Hampshire by 7211 votes.

In the closest presidential election in modern history, 24,731 people in a nation of 280 million make the difference for 59 electoral votes. An incredible statistic when you consider just 4 electoral votes meant the difference between a President Bush and a President Gore.

The year is 2004. Another presidential campaign is here…

As a Bush Volunteer, you’ve made an important commitment to an extraordinarily important cause. As the campaign shifts into high-gear, the President is counting on you.

Will you be one of the people who makes a difference this time?

Maybe. If you choose to act now.

President Bush not only needs your vote, he needs your help. Will you take action today by simply calling or forwarding this message to five of your friends and family encouraging them to join the campaign as volunteers? … “

Author: Rob