An anonymous community member has launched another website protesting the proposed cuts at the University’s SAPAC office. Titled “SAPAC Must Stay … AS IT IS” the website features a detailed testimonial about the author’s experience with SAPAC as a survivor of sexual assault:

” … It is my position that anyone who truly understands what it is like to be sexually assaulted would be against making the proposed changes to SAPAC. Therefore, I believe that the decision made by the UM administration to change SAPAC is one of ignorance rather than one motivated by a lack of compassion. Yet, no matter what the cause of such a decision, it remains an attack on the individuals who have already been victimized. I implore the University of Michigan to consider my statement deeply, and to reverse its decision. Otherwise, I will be forced once again to protect myself against my attacker, except this time I will be vigorously defending myself against those determined to dismantle the services that I need to survive. … “

See also the website of the organization “Our Voices Count”.

Author: Rob