A friend told me about something called “Michigan Madness”, a web site that appears to be set up by a group of friends in the greek system. The premise is the same as the NCAA basketball tournament, down to the cardinal direction brackets, but the teams have been replaced by the names of women University of Michigan students, and the “winner” of each match-up determined by voting. Here’s the kicker: the website lists over 2,400 registered usernames, although they may represent multiple accounts of a fewer number of people. The most sickening part, however, is the content of the anonymous message board. Enter fraudulent information on the “register” page (just random text will suffice) to view it yourself.

Fortunately, the message board includes plenty of criticism. Here’s a sample:
“I signed on simply to say that you guys suck for doing this **** to your “friends”, and congratulations for making a whole slew of people feel like ****, and right on for finally showing yourselves for the a-holes that we all suspected you were for the past four years….but I think all that is obvious to anyone who is bored enough (including myself) to check out this website. What an awesome way to show how much you care about the people you’ve spent the past four years with, this is truly what memories are all about!”

… and an anonymous response to the critic:
“What would your mother say when i stick my dick in her butt. Will she scream or will she cry like her daughter. Deal with it because its here to stay.”

In a related note, the annual Take Back the Night rally is scheduled for tomorrow on the Diag at 7:00 PM, and I know Men Against Violence Against Women is sponsoring an event for men to participate in in lieu of the march after the coed rally.

Author: Rob