CNN’s website has a well-designed Iraq war section, including a list of confirmed coalition casualties – which currently stands at 149. Although it’s not often reported, during Gulf War I, an undercover journalist discovered the Pentagon underreporting U.S. casualties by 400%.Here’s an article by the reporter that discovered that while the Pentagon was claiming 55 U.S. casualties he discovered the real total was around 200.

On the side, New York Times columnist John Broder discusses the problem of estimating Iraqi casualties in this April 9 column, while the Iraq Body Count website estimates over 1,300, which they admit in Broder’s column to be an underestimate.

This is an excellent article by Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Patrick Sloyan about how the U.S. military quickly buried tens of thousands of killed Iraqis during Gulf War I:
“Daniel and the rest of the world would not find out until months later why the dead had vanished. Thousands of Iraqi soldiers, some of them alive and firing their weapons from World War I-style trenches, were buried by plows mounted on Abrams main battle tanks. The Abrams flanked the trench lines so that tons of sand from the plow spoil funneled into the trenches. Just behind the tanks, actually straddling the trench line, came M2 Bradleys pumping 7.62mm machine gun bullets into the Iraqi troops.

What happened at the Neutral Zone that day has become a metaphor for the conduct of modern warfare. While political leaders bask in voter approval for destroying designated enemies, they are increasingly determined to mask the reality of warfare that causes voters to recoil.”

Author: Rob