MSA to vote on gag rule tonight
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The Daily finally ran a story about the AATU’s demise today: “AATU ends student services due to lack of MSA funding”. From the article:
“Newly-elected MSA General Counsel Jason Mironov said MSA will conduct a cost benefit analysis of the AATU and make an informed decision in the fall on whether to fund the non-profit organization.
I repeat: if the AATU ends it is MSA’s fault for not finding a solution. They used to perform a critical service for students that no longer exists. If you hear MSA people say that students can go to Student Legal Services, that’s a lie – they only provide legal services, not renting advice and counseling. One of the SLS attorneys is on the AATU board of directors, and has told MSA more than once he doesn’t believe SLS can or should take over the role of the AATU.

Also, what do you think about this image – it’s been circulating around the web for the last few days.

Author: Rob