Wondering why the city is littered with so many Wall Street Journals? Yes, it might be because the residents are too lazy to read them, but it also could be because the folks at WSJ refuse to cancel subscriptions:

“In a pile in front of the Viscount apartment complex on Geddes Avenue were papers with addresses for Norway Road, Austin Avenue, Wilmot Avenue and Woodside Street. None of the papers had the address of the Geddes residence.

“All these papers in front of the house are from people who lived here two years ago. We called to cancel them, but they wouldn’t.” Jim Dinner said. Other students interviewed were also receiving the previous residents’ subscriptions.”

> Daily: “Student Subscriptions result in yards littered with unread papers”

Also, the Daily explores the animosity between students from the “East Coast” and the “Midwest,” in “Snobs vs. Slobs,” a story that overall seems to reinforce existing stereotypes, however unfounded they might be. It also occurs to me that much more prevalent and dangerous stereotypes exist on campus – those associated with ethnicities. The part of their story which seems most interesting analyzes stereotypes which exist for Jewish students. A serious, in-depth treatment of relations within and between various ethic groups on campus would seem to me a good story to write – and the Program on Intergroup Relations might be a good place to start – a very popular and successful program which, according to a quick search of the Daily archives, hasn’t been discussed in print very much in that newspaper.

Author: Rob