Border Readers United, the community group supporting the striking Borders workers, has launched a new and improved website. The workers seem optimistic after negotiations with Borders’ management this week:

“Dear Friends,

Monday was a milestone for striking workers at Borders in Ann Arbor. They returned to the bargaining table with Borders Inc. for the first time since the strike began (on November 8). Negotiations went somewhat better than expected. Borders Inc. was finally willing to discuss the actual contract with the union, which they had refused to do prior to the strike. However, Borders Inc. still offered no concrete proposal and the next earliest negotiation date the company would offer is almost two weeks away.

That Borders is finally willing to negotiate on the contract is no doubt due to the unity and perseverance of the strikers, but also to the tremendous support from local community members and supporters nationwide. Thank you to everyone who made calls on Monday and for everything you’ve done to publicize the Borders boycott! However, we need to step up the
pressure now more than ever. The next two weeks may be the most crucial period to let Borders know that they need to negotiate in good faith and respect the rights of workers to unionize.
[ …]
Here is the calendar for the rest of the week:

THURSDAY: Dennis Kucinich will join the picket line at 12:30PM! Rally begins at 12. Thursday evening is costume/fun night at the line! Wear a wig, mask, feather boa or whatever wild thing you can find.

FRIDAY: Weekly rally at 5PM!

SATURDAY: Union (Christmas and otherwise) Carolling at 3pm in front of the store. Musicians, singers, and Santas welcome!!

SUNDAY: BRU meeting at 6PM at GEO office. Candlelight vigil at 7:30PM

Thanks again for your continued support!”

Author: Rob