Are you one of “those” people?

Letter to the Daily today:

“A while back, Joel Hoard wrote a column venting his frustration at people who hand stuff out on the Diag (Is that a flyer in your hand? 11/13/03). The other day, I quartersheeted for an hour, and it really brought home the fact that that column couldn’t have been more wrong.

The first person I talked to was an old friend who chanced to walk by. he took a flyer and said good-naturedly, “Oh, you’re one of “those” now.”

My initial response was an embarrassed shrug, but by the end of the hour I had reconsidered. The flyers I passed out were advertising for a worthy cause, and I felt I should be proud, rather than ashamed. And I was amazed at the friendly manners of the passers-by. The sheer number of people who said “Thank you” (or even “No, thank you”!) as I handed them sheets was incredible.

I realized that I normally don’t mind getting flyers as I go by. Sure there are certain groups I avoid, but in general I like hearing about events and such around campus. So here’s to quartersheeting – as another quartersheeter explained to me, “it’s good karma!”

Chaim Schramm
LSA sophomore”

Author: Rob