The Michigan Daily sings the praises of Prof. Matt Lassiter in their staff editorial today, “One great apple: Lassiter a great choice for Golden Apple”:

“Students of Prof. Matthew Lassiter’s “History of American Suburbia” were surprised yesterday to find their lecture interrupted by the presenters of the annual Golden Apple award to grant the prize for outstanding performance in the classroom to this young, promising assistant professor of American post-war history. It is clear that Lassiter is an excellent choice for this year’s award.

While the Atlanta native has only been on campus for a few years, his humor, ability to match his own experience with American history and accessibility to students has made his American suburbia class one of the most popular classes in the College of Literature, Science and the Arts. […] “

And this, from the news story:

“… As he paced across the stage of the Lorch Hall auditorium where his lecture is held, a group of students sitting in the front stood and told the class that they also had an announcment to make: Lassiter was this year’s winner of the Golden Apple Award.

As Lassiter’s students applauded and cheered — one surprised student responded with a loud “Oh My God” — Lassiter stood on the stage looking modest and slightly embarrassed.

“Well, let’s do your evaluations. Thank you,” Lassiter finally said as the applause died down.

“I thought I was under investigation,” he later told his students, saying that he had had no idea what was happening. “But the Borders strikers got some free publicity out of this,” he added, pointing to a pin he wore on his shirt. […] “

Author: Rob