It sounds as if Greg Cook’s song has changed, somewhat – wheras before he said the AATA would only have sold air rights over a proposed one-story bus station, he now thinks there might be “space avaliable” for affordable housing. Luckily, the city has purchased the property, so they can perserve the housing irrespective the whims of Mr. Cook:

” […] At the DDA meeting Wednesday, downtown developer and former DDA Chairman Ed Shaffran strongly advised against the loan. He told the DDA that AATA should buy the property, then work with the city on redevelopment. AATA has federal funds that wouldn’t have to be repaid. The AATA also has a plan to redevelop the property, whereas the city does not, said Shaffran.

Shaffran on Thursday said that while he has been an unpaid consultant to the AATA on the Y deal, his company would not be interested in redeveloping the property.

AATA Executive Director Greg Cook confirmed that Shaffran has advised his group, and that as part of redevelopment, AATA would likely make space available for an affordable housing project.

DDA member Leah Gunn said the loan would be appropriate use of the DDA’s Housing Fund.

“I’m excited about it,” said Gunn, who has served on the DDA a number of years. “I’m very much concerned about preserving those 100 units of housing.”

> From “DDA may help city buy YMCA”

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From the Police beat:

“A homeless woman sleeping in a fire-damaged building was raped by two men sometime before Thursday morning, Ann Arbor police said.

The 42-year-old woman told police that she was sleeping in the vacant building in the 200 block of North Division Street along with other homeless people when the assault occurred.

The former apartment building, boarded up for renovation after it was damaged by fire last year, is used for shelter by homeless people, said Lt. Mike Logghe. He said police are working with the owner to have it made more secure. …”

Author: Rob