The DDA is considering a rule that would require byclists walk their bikes in the State Street area: “Proposal would turn riders into pedestrians”

Here’s the News’ helpful sidebar:
“It’s legal for a bicyclist to ride on the sidewalk in Michigan, but he or she has to yield to pedestrians. State law says they must give an audible signal (bell, horn, etc.) before overtaking a pedestrian.

A commonly used method is to approach slowly and call out “bike on your left,” and then pass on that side.

Anyone riding a bike on the road has the same rights and is subject to the same responsibilities as the driver of a car. State law says cyclists must stay as near the right side of the road as is practical, while Ann Arbor’s ordinance says they must stay as near as is practical (and useful) to the right side. “

Here’s some Break-ins:

“2100 block of West Stadium Boulevard, 2 a.m. Saturday. Front door to business smashed to gain entry; cash register drawer and $150 in cash taken.

1000 block of Arbordale Street, 11:36 p.m. Friday. Front door kicked in; $100 in cash, VCR, two laptop computers, CD player, credit cards and radio taken. Total value: $2,250.”

Author: Rob