This looks very interesting, I’m sure the wider Ann Arbor community would be very welcome:

“ presents…

—Whatever You Destroy—

a film by Yoni Goldstein and Max Sussman

Saturday @ 8:50 PM
1324 East Hall
totally free

come early to make sure you’re there when it starts.

Ann Arbor had a community of poor, working artists in an abandoned downtown building named “The Technology Center.” Between 2002 and 2003, their home was raided, evicted, sold, bulldozed, and burned to the ground. This experimental documentary features the last existing footage of the space before its destruction and interviews with the few remaining tenants of that community.

The screening is part of the The Lightworks Festival: A Showcase of Student Production, which begins at 7PM and goes until 11PM. Stick around to see Priest & Razorface, and feel free to come early to watch some animation and who knows what else.

Author: Rob