In their Thursday meeting, the Regents approved a 5% increase in residence halls rates, and the News observes U-M has the second-highest on-campus housing costs in the big ten (behind Northwestern). The Regents also approved money to renovate campus rec buildings.

The New York ACLU is working with state lawmakers to pass a law protecting freedom of speech rights in malls after a 61-year-old man was arrested in a shopping mall for wearing a t-shirt that said “Give Peace a Chance.” As far as I know, there have only been a few states that have passed laws protecting some amount of speech in malls, which legally can regulate any speech they like. The kicker? The New York ACLU bought a billboard near the mall reading “Welcome to the mall. You have the right to remain silent. Value free speech.” with a photo of a gagged person on it.

Also, a SARS case was found in Washtenaw county.

The University of Minnesota is writing an anti-riot policy.:The university’s anti-riot policy, which is being developed by a task force that is surveying policies elsewhere, will go to the Board of Regents for approval in June. It would augment the student code of conduct, which doesn’t directly address off-campus behavior.’

The Ann Arbor News finally covered the ending of the AATU for students: “Tenants union halts U-M services”

One of Detroit’s oldest structures has been saved from destruction, and they plan on moving it to Greenfield Village, where it will be placed to look like it’s part of a fake town.

Author: Rob