“DEARBORN, Mich. (AP) — Men kissed each other on the cheek and grasped hands. Women let out a traditional Arab celebratory cry. People threw candy.

Iraqis in the Detroit suburb that forms one of the hearts of Arab America rejoiced at the capture of Saddam Hussein. …

As snow fell around them, dozens danced, banged drums, chanted in Arabic and waved Iraqi and American flags. Passing drivers honked their horns as Dearborn police tried to shoo celebrants off the roadway.

Muhammad Albustani smiled and grasped a U.S. flag as he walked toward the noisy crowd of more than 100.

Albustani, 40, of Detroit said he took part in the 1991 anti-Saddam rebellion in southern Iraq after the first Gulf War, then fled to Saudi Arabia before coming to the United States a year later.

“We are so happy. This is the best day,” he said as he approached the crowd gathered in front of the Karbalaa Islamic Center, attended by many Iraqi emigres. …

About a third of Dearborn’s 100,000 residents identify themselves as of Arab heritage, making up the nation’s densest Arab concentration. Southeastern Michigan has about 300,000 Arab Americans.”

> From AP: “Iraqi Americans celebrate Saddam’s capture” (See some photos here)

Author: Rob