Also, they’re back: the notorious cult surrounding religious leader Fred Phelps’ “Westboro Baptist Church.” Although the Ann Arbor News has a nice disclaimer on their story, they don’t have much in the way of background. Here’s some information about this group, notorious for picketing the funeral of Matthew Shepard, and known on campus for holding a protest on the diag during National Coming Out Week a couple years back.

> AANews: “Antigay group pickets in Ann Arbor”

And this:

“Vandals spray paint downtown businesses

Vandals struck two downtown businesses with spray paint Sunday night, Ann Arbor Police said.

The Border’s Books and Music, at 612 E. Liberty, and the Starbucks Coffee, at 222 S. State St., had various slogans painted across their front windows in black spray paint.

The slogans included “Blood Money,” “Slaughter Diversity,” and a Swastika next to the word “shop” on a Borders window. Locks on the front doors of both businesses appeared to be tampered with, causing about $100 damage, officials said.” (From Today’s Police Beat)

Also, see coverage of the U-M Winter commencement: “U-M graduation includes ‘one tough chick'”

Author: Rob