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“SOLE Response to Borders Vandalism, Cancelled Negotiations

Ann Arbor, MI – December 15, 2003

The membership of SOLE was disheartened at the news of this morning’s vandalism at the downtown Ann Arbor Borders Books & Music store on Liberty St. SOLE would like to express its disappointment with the tactics used by the perpetrators.
SOLE emphatically denies any involvement, direct or indirect, in the planning or execution of this action and stands beside the Borders Workers Union in condemning it. Not only is this action contrary to the stated practices and purpose of SOLE, but it has served only to hinder progress at the negotiating table.

SOLE would also like to express its dismay that Borders, Inc. prematurely ended negotiations this morning as a result of the vandalism. In the previous bargaining session on December 2, 2003, Borders, Inc. had indicated that they would bring a proposal to the table this morning, the first since the beginning of negotiations.

SOLE, a University of Michigan student organization, has been working closely with the Union in their struggle with unfair labor practices and their attempts to negotiate a fair contract with Borders, Inc. SOLE has participated in and helped to organize many of the Union’s strike activities, including picketing, flyering, and supporting the boycott.

SOLE, in solidarity with the Borders Workers Union, sincerely hopes that Borders, Inc. will not allow one senseless act to derail the bargaining process that had just begun to be productive. SOLE expects that Borders, Inc. will step up and prove that they are willing to give the Union the respect it deserves by continuing to negotiate in good faith.

Students Organizing for Labor and Economic Equality [SOLE]
530 S. State St.
3909 Michigan Union,
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1349

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