It looks like Dean’s lurch to the right has already begun. Maybe he’ll give a speech railing on nonexistent welfare mothers and praising our sacred right own guns soon, I’m looking forward to it! Maybe the new party will be called Dempublicans? Republicrats?

” … Taken together, it was a radical revision of Bush Abroad, carefully structured to include all the relevant vocabulary. Dean knows that WMDs and terrorism are threats that scare Americans; instead of ignoring this, he sought to prove that he could be tough, too.

“I will call on the most powerful armed forces the world has ever known to ensure the security of this nation,” he said.

He rolled out his “kitchen cabinet,” a mix of Clinton-era diplomats, former generals, and other think tank types, including the Brookings Institution’s Ivo Daalder. The names will hearten moderates, and assuage the Democratic leadership, worried that the presumptive nominee was a bit on the crunchy side. … “

I don’t know about you, but I’m not too worried about those mythical “WMD” and I think the proper response to 9/11 should have been a set of indictments for and trial of those deemed legally responsible by International Criminal Court. (Woops, I guess we need to sign up, first!)

Author: Rob