“If they want the University of Michigan to be South Dakota State, they need to tell us that. Then we’ll have a different discussion,” he said. …

Univerity of Michigan Provost Paul Courant said the cuts are not small cuts.

“A quarter of a billion dollars has been stripped out of the higher education budget in the last 12 months. On the Ann Arbor campus, that’s a reduction of $1,400 per student. These cuts are not small and they’re doing real damage,” he said.

Courant said higher education has taken more than it’s share of cuts in the state’s general fund. “These cuts dial the clock all the way back to our state funding levels of seven years ago, in 1997. And this is happening at a time when we are teaching more students than ever before.” he said. …

Granholm declined to respond when asked whether the public perception that universities are spending too much is driven in part by the $677,500 salary of University of Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman, the highest-paid public university president in the country.

“I’m not going to comment about her salary, but I think that there are outward indices that citizens have pointed to as areas where universities can trim. I do think they have been trying to do that, but I think they’ve got to go back at it again, just like state government does,” she said. “

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