Here’s some “holiday wishes” from fellow Arborblogger Brandon Z:

” … May we all find as much peace in the new year as possible, may we fight sprawl and increase density, and may the Borders strikers stay warm, WCBN stay on the air, and all the artists find affordable space. Peace on the Huron and good will toward the NIMBYs on whom our future rests.”

Well, I may not be willing to cede that last part, quite yet, and I don’t think Brandon is either. Here’s from one of his earlier posts:

“… I’m not saying every pathetic apartment complex that comes along should be approved for density’s sake, but if a project is well-designed along the lines of good urbanism it needs to be supported via letters to the editor, letters to officials, and at government meetings, rather than let developers fight alone in an uphill battle against what are often well-organized neighborhood associations. Stay on guard– the voters essentially told the city to curb sprawl, and encouraging density in the city will be a far more powerful tool than the purchase of some scattered development rights here and there outside our borders. As long as we make it difficult for developers to build within Ann Arbor, they will head out to Scio Township and put the same number of housing units on ten times as much land.”

Author: Rob